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Thursday, May 17, 2012

There's been a significant jump in termite infestation at New Dubai areas, including new buildings.

Mud tunnels — used by termites to protect themselves from moisture and temperature — allow the soft-bodied insects to survive even in the desert heat. "The presence of mud tunnels indicates a widespread termite presence

Our anti-termite teams are very active these days
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Rodent Proofing Your Yard

Rodent Proofing Your Yard 

1. Eliminate Food Sources

Remove defective refuse cans.
Provide a sufficient amount of refuse cans. A 32 gallon container with a tight fitting lit is best.
DO NOT LITTER. Be sure garbage in secure in container and not on the ground.
Drain and wrap garbage before disposing.
Remove pet food immediately and clean up animal waste.

2. Eliminate Water

Keep all drains covered and secure.
Make sure hoses are not leaking.
Get rid of any standing water in yard.
Fix any defective pipes or drains.

3. Eliminate Rodent Hiding Places

Get rid of junk, lumber, old boxes, discarded appliances chairs or bedding on the ground or under porches.
Remove abandoned vehicles.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Some tips to get rid of cockroaches .

If cockroaches are there in your home, then it is possible to use several methods to eliminate them. The first task is to cut off the food and water supply. Repair leaky drains and faucets, so the roaches cannot make use of dripping water. Store food items in sealed containers before placing them in the pantry. Never leave food out overnight, as this is an open invitation for the roaches to feed.

Even dirty dishes can undermine your best efforts at cockroach control. Make sure all dishes are washed and put away before bedtime. If dishes must be left until morning, place them in the sink and cover them with hot soapy water. Cockroaches tend to steer clear of water containing dishwashing liquid.

Keeping your space clean is important to cockroach control. Crumbs must be cleaned away, or else those small particles will encourage the uninvited pests to remain in the home. Make sure the kitchen, dining room, and any other area of the home where residents consume food of any kind is free of all types of crumbs.

There are several methods of cockroach control that can be employed to rid the home of an infestation. One of the most common is to call an exterminator like Al Madeena Pest Control and arrange for monthly pest control treatments.

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