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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Amazing Bedbug

Bed bug infestations have been called the perfect storm. This problem is frustrating and fascinating at the same time. It is amazing that the roach is supposed to be able to survive a nuclear bomb, yet we can eliminate a roach infestation. Here is a quick fact for you, a single female bed bug, after mating just once, can continue to produce eggs the rest of her life without another mating. All that little bugger needs are meals. No wonder they are such an amazing bug.

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  1. This bugs are small in size but when you start itching on their bites, it does irritates you. It is truly amazing how they grow in numbers enormously in very distinctive way that we should be aware of. Although services Pest Control Brisbane and Pest Control Gold Coast is ready to serve you, its up to householders to keep this bug from getting transferred to their place.